Sunday, 17 September 2017

LinuxChix Meet up experience!

Hi all,

Today I got an opportunity to celebrate Linux's 26th anniversary (17th September 1991) with the LinuxChix India team (

I gave a talk on:

  • Unix, GNU, and  Linux's history 
  • And shared my experience using Linux, Ubuntu, and Kubuntu

It was a great interactive session. We shared some thoughts about:

  • SSH's working
  • Linux distributions
  • Flavours of Ubuntu
  • Kubuntu, KDE Plasma 5 and KDE frameworks, 
  • Linux file system 
  • Kernels and its role
  • Various Linux Commands

I would like to thank Shivani Bhardwaj and Priyal Trivedi for organising the meetup and Amit Kumar for introducing me to the team.

Link to the slides of my talk:

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Akademy 2017 - A wonderful experience

Hola Amigos!
Akademy 2017 was such a great experience, that I would love to share with you all in this post.

For those who are unaware about Akademy, it’s an annual world summit of KDE (Please refer
This year, Akademy was held in Almeria, Spain.


It features a 2-day conference with presentations on the latest KDE developments, followed by 4 days of workshops, Birds of a Feather (BoF) and coding sessions.

There are so many interesting talks given by some real tech enthusiasts, who are amiable and super cool. It is a great opportunity to meet people in person whom you have been communicating just knowing their IRC nickname.

So, as mentioned it started with some really interesting presentations on Plasma desktops, Plasma mobile, Ruqola, digiKam, WikiData, GCompris, KIO library, Calligra, KDE neon, Slimbook, Translating Challenges, and many more. We were fortunate to have Robert Kaye and Antonio Larrosa as our keynote speaker. These presentations were followed by BoF sessions and Workshops.

I conducted a workshop on Qt Quick Control 2, Paul Brown had some awesome stuff to share on what data should be visible to a viewer who visits your site or uses your product. Parallelly there was a BoF session, where the team brainstormed on Plasma mobile and Plasma vision.

[ ]

It was such pleasure to meet Valorie, Aleix Pol, Albert, Lydia, John Samuel, David, Timothee, Vasudha, Jonathan and so many more active contributes of KDE.

[Memories of Akademy 2017]

Now, How is KDE Akademy different than
I have been a part of KDE India conference held in Jaipur in 2016 []. Which looked like this:


When you see this, you find so many students, keen to know about foss and KDE community.
All are budding developers with some spark and unexplored ideas in their mind. So such type of conference held by KDE in India help these unexplored ideas to come into execution by using and developing features in the various software build by KDE developers.

Where as when you look at these bunch of developers here in this picture:  

This is the group photograph of Akademy 2017 attendees. They are the backbone of all softwares in KDE.

I would like to thank KDE for giving me this opportunity. It has added great experience and wonderful memories to my journey of foss development

[Hostel, Food, Location @ Akadmey]
Also, guys please help make KDE apps and Plasma easier to use, more convenient and accessible. Support #Randa2017.  (To know more about Randa refer:

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Akademy 2017

Hi all,

This blog is to assist participants attending the Conference Akademy 2017 at Almeria, Spain.
There will be a workshop titled "Playing with the amalgam of QML and JavaScript" conducted by me.
Timings: 10:30 - 12:15 on 24th July 2017.


Instructions for the participants:
  • The tutorial will only assume a basic knowledge of using Qt Creator [].
  • No prior knowledge of QML is required, although it is suggested that attendees be familiar with the Objects and JavaScript.
  • We recommend that the attendees install the Qt Creator which includes Qt libraries and compatible compiler. Make sure you are able to build your first "Hello World" project successfully.
On a side note, please keep in mind of the following advise:
  • Although we do have access to the internet for all participants, it is always advised to carry a Data Card or Mobile Internet as a Backup.
  • Do carry power strip and bring your Laptop Fully charged.

Hope this workshop helps all the participants to get started with building their own QML-JS applications.

Monday, 19 June 2017


I got an opportunity to represent KDE in FOSSASIA 2017 held in mid-March at Science Center, Singapore. There were many communities showcasing their hardware, designs, graphics, and software.

 Science Center, Singapore
I talked about KDE, what it aims at, what are the various programs that KDE organizes to help budding developers, and how are these mentored. I walked through all the necessities to start contributing in KDE by introducing the audience to KDE Bugzilla, the IRCs channels, various application Domains, and the SoK(Season of KDE) proposal format. 


Then I shared my journey in KDE, briefed about my projects under Season of KDE and Google Summer of Code. The audience were really enthusiastic and curious to start contributing in KDE. I sincerely thank FOSSASIA for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Overall working in KDE has been a very enriching experience. I wish to continue contributing in KDE and also share my experiences to help the budding developers to get started.